Saturday, July 8, 2006

Who I Am

So here I find myself, in a position to write up a little "About Me" page and not knowing exactly what to say. I like lists, so here are the top 10 things you should know about me, that may or may not be obvious from reading my blog!

1) I am a daughter of 2 wonderful parents, sister to one great big brother, friend to some incredibly encouraging and fun people, and most importantly, follower of Christ.
2) Though my dreams were leading me to a really neat big city, such as Denver or DC, the Lord led me to Raleigh, NC where I work for a Baptist seminary.
3) I did not see this job on my radar screen, but I do love it and where it has placed me, both physically and situationally.
4) God has really ignited a passion in my heart for the hurt and broken people of our world. Specifically, I want to share life and the Gospel message with people in Western Europe, Africa and (for now) Raleigh.
5) I am a little bit crazy. Seriously, I talk out of turn a lot and say things I probably shouldn't. Sometimes I think my filter is missing and that life would be easier if I didn't always have random mishaps happen to me.
6) I am thankful for my crazy life. It makes for great stories/blog posts, as well as lots of cheap entertainment.
7) My dog = more cheap entertainment. BendiciĆ³n (Ben) is his name, and he rivals me in silliness. He's disobedient, loving, playful, and oh-so-optimistic about life. I love him, though he definitely keeps me on my toes.
8) I like to think I am equal parts "granola girl" and "girly girl." I like shopping, camping, bubble baths, kayaking, hiking, traveling (roughing it or high-class, it doesn't matter), driving my XTerra, watching sappy movies, eating tasty food, drinking coffee, learning to be domestic, sleeping as long as possible, horseback riding, playing soccer, dancing, going to concerts, watching live sports and seeing more of the world.
9) My next "big goal" is getting my Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, a project I'll start working on this fall. When I finish, I believe the Lord will be taking me overseas as a missionary.
10) I want to get married, raise babies and adopt children from around the world. I want my family to be a reflection of the diversity found in the Church, which is a beautiful thing.

So that's me. Enjoy getting inside my life :)