Thursday, October 23, 2008

Always growing....

A wise friend told me it's better to keep blogs short if you want people to read them. I'm a wordy person, so that's hard for me, but here I go:

This has been a highly unusual, and yet "normal," week for me. Things are changing from what they have been, and I am learning and growing. God is refining me and challenging me and teaching me patience and trust. My limits have been stretched, and I have blessedly been brought back to a place of contentment and peace that I haven't been at in a while. I feel like myself again, but with a hopeful eye toward the future and what else God is going to reveal to me.

In other growing news: I'm going to the fair tomorrow with friends, and plan on gorging myself on deliciously awful fried fair foods. Specifically, I plan on getting some hush-puppies, grilled corn in the husk, and a deep-fried Snickers (which I enjoyed more than last year's deep-fried Twinkie.) The only growing I'll do from that is physically growing side to side and front to back. I can't wait. :)

Thank you, Lord for being near. You are more precious than life, and all the precious things it holds. Keep me close and clean, and centered on You alone.


Julie said...

oooh enjoy some corn for me...I love that stuff!

Don Crane said...

I hope you tasted a few of those deep fried goodies for me!! Unfortunately, I am weak, so you needn't described the taste, look, texture, or aroma. Such descriptions might put me over the edge!