Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow. What a place.

Today was my first FULL day in-country and the first day in Chiang Mai. We flew into the city this morning and promptly began eating. These are my kind of trips - Food-focused :) It's glorious.

Anyways, we went to this place called The Imaginary Jungle tonight ("Welcome to the jungle!"). The three things I can say about this place:
1) They have incredibly tasty food.

2) They have incredible scenery.

3) They have incredible bathrooms. See below.

Who wouldn't want a waterfall in their bathroom to help encourage them to go? I'm sorry if that seems silly and if you'd rather be hearing about the rest of the day...I'm honestly too tired at the moment to think more deeply. All I can think about is how fun and unique that place is!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will hopefully be more rested and thorough thinking. Have I told you guys about the SEBTS blog? Check it out here. I'm writing and Courtney is doing the photos and it should be updated (albeit a bit more sedately) than here. Anyways. Enjoy!


Don Crane said...

Interesting! Very interesting!! With the tree, rocks, and shrubs beside the commode, is it a latrine or a toilet?

I think I've finally got a handle on where and when to find your new postings on your Blog and on the SEBTS Missions Blog.

First day has waterfalls, and your mother is already checking flight schedules to Thailand so she can join you!!

Keep up the good work! Get your rest, i.e. snooze.

Love you!

Rachel George said...


I didn't know you were heading to Thailand til I got the email from your mom! How exciting? What organization are you with and what will yall be doing there? I'm sure the food is absolutely AMAZING, like you were saying in your blog. I get my little Thai food fix from Lemon Grass in Maryville. :) Hope you get a chance to try Pad Thai if you haven't already.

Miss you, love you.. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures through your blogs.