Monday, October 19, 2009

Breaking news....

Just in....I got married yesterday.

Yup, I am now a Mrs. (or a MSR, as the groomsmen wrote on the truck, but whatever). The wedding was beautiful, perfect (albeit cold) and such a joyous time.

I am incredibly blessed. I pray the ceremony and reception spoke the love of Christ to those gathered there, and that it shared the Gospel in a way that God will use to speak to people. It's been an incredible blessing to be able to speak about the Lord in our wedding.

Anyways, we're off to Mexico (Meh-hi-co) in the morning! I'll be switching to a new blog, since Lauren A. Crane doesn't fly so much anymore!!


Michelle (and Shannon) said...

Congratulations! The photos are looked beautiful!

Jenn said...

WOOHOO!!! Your wedding was beautiful and of course you were a beautiful bride! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding! Love you tremendously, Mrs. Vanderburg. Welcome to the "Married People" club. Call me when you get back :)