Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Having lived here in Wake Forest for 3+ weeks now, I felt it was time to update and let my "faithful readers" (ha, yeah right) in on what is going on in my life.

I moved here on Labor Day weekend, and promptly moved into a dorm on campus, where I had my own bedroom (not roommate, thankfully) but shared a bathroom with 2 girls. Though I was really wary of living in a dorm, even temporarily, it ended up being a blessing because I was able to meet some girls who weren't married, unlike all of my other friends here. I went to the beach with 5 of them that first weekend, to Kristi's parents' condo. It was a great weekend, and a great chance to hang out with them.

Last weekend, my parents, along with Ben, Splash and Scooter made their way to Wake Forest, and we moved into my new apartment. I love the apartment itself, though I'll admit I do get a bit lonely. If I had friends living in the same complex, that I could walk over (like I am used to doing in a dorm situation) I think it would be less lonely.

However, I do know that I have neighbors, because one of them felt such an overwhelming sense of concern for my dog, Ben, that they left me a hateful letter on my door, threatening to call Animal Patrol if I didn't stop putting him on the porch. The guys in the office oh-so-kindly took my story to heart and called me, pretending to be animal control, questioning me about it, and thus inducing me to tears for a solid 15 minutes before I was let in on the joke. What punks.

Life and work at Southeastern is really good though. I enjoy my job in that fact that I get the opportunity to listen to a variety of excellent speakers who challenge me, my faith, and my actions in a world that is hurting and dying to see the true love of Christ in His disciples. Recently, I have heard two messages preached on the the parable of the prodigal sons. I say sonS, plural, because it has come to my attention lately that this is not just a story about one wayward son, it is the tale of two children who care nothing for the Father, and only for their own agendas.

Whether or not I act like the younger son or the older son, and whether or not I outrightly deny my Father or pretend to be good and obedient to get around Him, I have sinned against Him either way. I am no better, being the "good older son" who stays and acts good, than the younger sons who don't pretend and just run. I am no better of a Christian than any other believer, and in fact both pastors compared the older sons to the Pharisees, who were too caught up in their self-righteousness and religiousness to love the Father fully, and rejoice with Him over the lost who are now found.

If I am to call myself a Christian, a little Christ, then why should I not rejoice with God and the angels over EVERY person who accepts the gift of salvation? Rejoicing over finding what was once lost is a mandate that translates into a passion for the Great Commission.

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