Monday, May 4, 2009

Time: The lack thereof.

So little to do in so much time!

Scratch that. Reverse it.

So MUCH to do, in so little time!

Who knew that by the beginning of May, every stinking weekend almost is booked until the beginning of August? This is ridiculous.

Weddings, wedding showers, dress shopping, weekends in South Carolina, work trips....too much going on.

Please ask the Lord to marvelously work things out for his glory, teaching me peace and patience and waiting in the midst of it all.

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Adam McCullough said...

Haha! I hear ya! We're having a "fun" time trying to find reception venues that are open in Oct. In the midst of ministry, job searching (Ginny), and life in general. This is a testing of our time management skills, or lack thereof.