Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spiritual warfare and battling

Last night at church, Chad finished up his series on the book of Daniel. We didn't get through the whole book - there's a TON in there - but he finished it by talking about spiritual warfare and the battles that take place in the heavenly realms which we know nothing of.

As I went to bed angry last night and woke up frustrated this morning, Chad's message has been playing back in bits and pieces to me and I have been challenged to think that my battles are not with people or myself, but against the forces of darkness. I am so quick to judge others and get angry with them - especially fellow believers - that I forget that our real battles are against Satan and his demons. Instead of fighting against one another, we need to pray and join in the battle that is raging far beyond this world.

Please help to remind me of this over the next several months: that I ought not be fighting against my brothers and sisters in Christ, but instead against the spiritual forces of darkness and the attacks of the devil. I feel like the attacks are coming so often lately. I guess that means he's feeling threatened? I hope that is it, and I hope I fight in a manner worthy of the Lord.

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