Monday, January 14, 2008

Clueless, but content

We have just begun doing the Experiencing God study at Bayleaf, and I am really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it. Though we're only a week in, I am feeling like I am on the brink of something with the Lord, and that is so exciting for me.

When I was home for Christmas, my father made the comment to me that this point in my life is probably the happiest he has ever seen me. I thought that was sweet of him to say, but it made me wonder what exactly it is about life right now that makes me so happy, and happy enough to portray it, evidently.

The answer I come up with is that I am content. This contentment comes in various forms: Happiness when things seem to be going right and peace even when things seem to be going wrong. However, I find that I am feeling most content about the fact that I have no idea what the future holds, and I am liking that. I don't know whether or not I will actually take classes at SEBTS or just work (right now, I'm just working and enjoying not studying!). I don't know whether or not I'll be going overseas in a few years to serve as a missionary. I don't know which of my relationships with new friends will continue developing, or which of my old relationships will quietly wither away.

However, I do know that the Lord is moving in mighty ways around me, and he wants me to give my all and serve him, in whatever capacity he calls me to. I know that there is a great big world out there, full of "dead men walking," and, praise God, I am not counted among that number. I know that I have been given the incredible gift of salvation and redemption through the work of Christ on the cross, thereby assuring me, through no act of my own, that my name is written in the book of life. I know these things, and I know God will show me, day by day, how I can join him in his plan of redemption, by piercing the darkness that pervades this world around me.

Praise God for salvation. Praise him for allowing me to join him in his work, however that may look in the future. Baby step by baby step, he'll show me how he can work through me to accomplish his plan of salvation. That knowledge leaves me content to rest in his will. However, even more than contentment, I have a renewed sense of joy about my salvation. If we, as believers, could remember and exhibit that joy on a daily basis, how much more effective could we be to the dark world around us?

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