Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It has been a weird couple of days.

Yesterday I stayed home sick from work with what appeared to be sinus issues. I don't get sick much anymore, and generally not enough to skip work, but I was feeling crummy. It was a fairly un-eventful day. I watched a lot of TV, slept a lot, hung out with Ben, and ran a few errands. However, last night was pretty sleepless, as I was dealing with Ben's bowel issues. (If you care to, you can read about it here.)

As I woke up this morning I was greeted with the jolly voice of Kenneth, one of my co-workers, calling to make sure I would be in today. Good, he said, I had a lot of work to do.

One of Southeastern's professors passed away last night after battling cancer. I never knew him, only knew of him, but it seems like he was an amazing man. I had the honor of paying final tribute to him by writing a news release on his life and death. Here's a link.

I prayed the other day that I would be able to look at my job as more than a job, but as a ministry. I'm sad that it takes events such as Dr. Bush's death to make me feel passionate about doing my work, but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to join in this ministry here at SEBTS. When there is a story to tell, I am reminded that God has given me a gift and the skills to use it, if only I will dig.

I am hoping that with the upcoming move to a WordPress format for our campus articles, I will be able to delve back into feature articles, which are my favorite type. I do really love getting to know people and their stories and making them worthy of others reading about them. So anyways....Just kind of general weirdness!

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