Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bed-time gets earlier and earlier....

I wish someone had warned me to live up the days of staying up till 4 am and going to class at 8, with very little ill-effects. Now that I am not in college, I feel like my body has aged remarkably fast, at least in terms of bed-time! Midnight or so wrecks me now for a few days, if I have to get up for work the next day. Friday nights are still somewhat palatable, but any other night and oh boy, I need to be in bed early!

Monday I was treated to dinner here and a Durham Bulls game, where they played (and lost to!) this team. I had a great time, but it threw my bed-time out of whack. Thus, it is Wednesday and I am due for a nap! (That could also be attributed to the nachos from Moe's I just ate, which make me feel fat, lethargic and happy the rest of the day. Where's a DP when I need one?) Although I'm tired, I enjoyed myself, so thanks :)

Also, last night I got to watch part of an Indian movie, courtesy of my friend Madhava, who is from India. It was Bollywood at it's best, believe me. I had no idea it was a musical, nor that all Indian movies are - apparently - not complete without 5-6 songs and dancing. As I thoroughly enjoy musicals, I enjoyed it :) Plus, it was just entertaining. I didn't stay for all of it though. Again, bed time called. Nothing like a bubble bath and my pillow to make me happy!

Tonight will not be an early night though. I am meeting with my mentor after church, then have to come home and pack for my weekend at home. My best friend is getting married in what could prove to be one of the most unique weddings I've been to/in. Should be a fun, but also exhausting, weekend. Come on Saturday morning. I'll need to catch up on my sleep, for sure, by that point!

Hope all my faithful readers are having a good week ;)


Brent Sherrod said...

I hope you kept your program from the Durham Bulls game because it is hard loading the paper for those booklets where I work!

kb said...

Tell the bride I said hi!