Monday, February 2, 2009

I Won!!

What happened last night at the conclusion of the Superbowl was a beautiful thing. Not only was it an amazingly intense game, which resulted in a lot of trash talking between Adrian and I, but it also resulted in ME winning a bet that HE initiated.

The terms of said bet?

If the Cardinals won, I would have to (get to, excuse me) play video games all afternoon with him, namely those I "wouldn't normally play, like Halo and Madden."

If the Steelers won, we would go shopping. For him. For some new jeans.

Have I mentioned that he's 6'8'' and finding jeans that fit is a wee bit difficult? This is going to make it a nice loooonnngg afternoon at the mall with him :)

However, I agreed that we can still play some video games. It was a close game, after all, and I'm just nice like that. I think I like betting!

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