Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love, love, love, loooove

I hope as you were reading that, it was to the tune of Jason Mraz's new song, which I can hardly remember any words to, but which has such a catchy tune. That's what's in MY head currently.

Just wanted to share a few pictures from yesterday....Valentine's day. It was my first time to have a valentine, and I am SO thankful that I don't have any bad valentines in my past to mar it...He's great, and I am so blessed by him, VDay or not. Literally, after the gifts of the Lord and my salvation, Adrian is one of the biggest blessings of my life.

He and I drove halfway and met in Lumberton, which is a podunk little town with an Outback and a mall that is approximately 100 yards long. Seriously. We went to both places, then ventured over to UNC Pembroke, where we did a mini photo shoot and walked around campus, drank some coffee and enjoyed being with one another.

After several attempts at getting a good shot on campus, we finally got a decent one. The campus is really pretty, with an outdoor amphitheater, a pond with a fountain, lots of trees and benches and a clocktower that literally went off every 10 minutes.

I love cheesy photos. Never underestimate the power of cheese! Haha. What better place for a cheesy Valentine's Day photo than in a mall in front of an exceedingly cheesy Valentine's Day backdrop?! You can tell I am excited.....Adrian's not so big on the pictures :)

I know red roses are cliche on VDay, but for someone who has never been given a dozen red roses on Valentines Day by a man she loves...They were perfect.

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