Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm all over the place...

1) I praise God that I am a work in progress and who I am now is not who I used to be, and who I will be in 5 years is not who I am now. I just pray that it is the Lord refining me and making me into who he desires for me to be, and nothing else.

2) Zeta - Beta Omega - Past and Present (#1)
Bay Leaf College and Singles
The office
Everything Media at Southeastern
Cause I Know You

What are those random words, you may be asking? Only the SIX pools I am in for March Madness! I figure if I play my cards right, I'll do really well in at least one of them, right? Here's to hoping! I tried to diversify my winners in the brackets, but seriously? There's only so much fantasy one can take. The buck stops at my final four picks - At that point, I think the bets are fairly safe as to who has a chance to win and who.....doesn't. At all.

I'll let you know how it turns out :)

3) Home is where your heart is, right? It definitely will be this weekend! I am so excited to combine going home with the one my heart loves! Adrian and I are going to Maryville this weekend (his first time to visit) and I am pretty stinking excited. Lots of down-time (watching the tournament action) planned, along with some time with dear friends and some time spent in the lovely Smoky Mountains. God is so good, and he has blessed me so much!


jeff said...

is it me, but it seems last year you had a very good 1st round as well??
any way i have to ask only 6 brackets... cmon i expected more out of you:)

Lauren said...

Jeff - I upped it to 7 by the time the tourney started. Is that more to your liking?

Also - The first-round curse remains...My 3rd rounds did not go well last night. Crap.