Monday, March 9, 2009


It's been a long time since I posted, I feel like. My life is full, which makes it difficult to not only keep up with the blog, but to know what exactly to write when I do feel like getting on here.

In addition to my life being full, my head seems to always be full, thus why it is difficult to get my thought together enough to blog. My thoughts churn around and around and it usually is only a very small window of peace that I have...Perhaps it because I seek peace in my circumstances, instead of the One who is peace?

Jesus said he would give us his peace: "My peace I give to you. My peace I leave with you." As the Holy Spirit fills us, we are filled with peace. And yet, too often I think I look for peace in improper ways. I search for it in people, in relationships, in circumstances, in sleep, in laughter, in creature temporal things. While those things are not inherently bad, they cannot provide lasting peace. They will NEVER be able to gift me with the peace that passes all understanding. God alone can do that, but it is a gift.

When I pursue God, peace will follow. When I abide in the Holy Spirit, His fruits (including peace) will abound in my life. When I emulate Jesus, life won't give me peace (for his life was not peaceable, either, in the way we understand peace), but he found peace in God the Father in the midst of trials.

God - I don't ask for peace. I know it is a gift. I only ask for You, more of you every moment. I desire the strength to pursue You with all I have, knowing that as a perfect and loving Father, You will give me the gifts I need.

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