Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Red tape, regulations and the lack thereof

Today has been an interesting day. I have seen the 2 extremes of how an employee can help someone out and bend the rules a bit, and of how an employee can stick rigidly to rules that may not even exist, in an effort to feed their ego.

This morning consisted of me driving to the DMV in Raleigh to get my license, which I had to have a NC license before I could register my car. So I get there, without a Social Security card or proof of residency, only to find out I need to have those things to get my license. So, I turned around and drove back to Wake Forest, got the necessary documents out of my apartment, and drove back into Raleigh and to the DMV. Once there, I had to take (and nearly failed) the written driving exam. Thankfully, I passed with the lowest score possible. When I went to write my check for my new license, I was informed I couldn't use my check because she hadn't heard of my bank before (AmSouth) so she was sure it wasn't in NC.

"How on earth is a person supposed to do anything here if they've just moved?" I asked her. She told me, "Go find an ATM, sweetheart." Finally, after getting my license, I drove to the License/Registration place in Wake Forest to get my tag for my new car (for the 2nd day in a row; yesterday was when I was told I had to have a NC license to register my car). Once there, I found out I was required to pay my car taxes again, despite the fact she had the receipt showing I paid $419 when I bought the car. Then, she felt the need to charge me another $5 (which once again, no cash) for her signature on a paper...So frustrating. 3 hours later, and I have my new license and my new tag. Oh, BTW- NC law says I have 10 days to have my car inspected...what governmental garbage. I am already sick of all these little govt. workers on a power-trip being unpleasant and unhelpful in every way imaginable. Goodness.

This afternoon, I was prepared to get ticked off again when dealing with Time Warner Cable. I was supposed to be getting a phone call to tell me a technician was on his way to turn on my cable/internet so I could meet him at the apt. The guys told me, "Fat chance. They never call until they leave and they're disgruntled b/c no one is at home."

So, imagine my surprise when I DID get a call, and I did get home to find a TWC technician waiting on me. He was really nice and worked quickly, and then gave me the added bonus of some 60+ cable channels because he didn't carry the filters with him.

It's just such a contrast between people who do things to piss you off because they could not care less about their jobs and making their customers happy and people who are pleasant and try to give you a break when they can. Thank God for chill people. I love 'em.

So tonight, I am going to enjoy a volleyball game (I'm playing; It's our last game), then Beauty and the Geek, and seeing what else is on TV and checking facebook from home! Yippee!

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