Friday, November 2, 2007

Busy life

Today, Mom and Brian are coming in for a visit! I'm way excited. Brian hasn't been over here yet, so it will be good to have him come and see my place and my new life! I still need to do some laundry, clean the turtle tank and clean my apartment before they get here...yowza.

Tonight, Mom is cooking for me :) Beef tips, baked potatoes and Caesar salad. Delish. Then, I'm going to highlight her hair. Tomorrow, Brian is going to put together my desk and then we may play golf, depending on weather and how we feel. Afterwards, we're eating out and then a little chocolate fountain party at my place! Yummy. I hope lots of fun people come.

I am so blessed to have friends and a family that I love. Furthermore, I am so thankful I have things to do! I was worried about making friends, and the Lord has blessed me so much in that area! Praise God. I don't deserve friends or anything good, but in His goodness, he has given me godly girls and guys to hang out with.

In other exciting news, my tv/cable/internet is getting installed on Tuesday. So exciting! Anyways, hope anyone who reads this has a fantastic weekend!

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