Monday, February 4, 2008

Fat pants, forgiving dresses, and fistfuls of cookie dough

I would say I am predictable, at least on some accounts. I had kind of a weird/melancholy/wish some things had gone differently kind of day, so therefore:

1) Bought cookie dough and ate a lot
-Note to readers: Target brand is not as good as Pillsbury and not worth the 40 cent savings.
2) I went shopping and bought a bunch of new clothing (without even trying them on!!)
-Bought a pair of jeans that are wide-leg, aka Fat Pants. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday so maybe I'll wear them and stick with the theme.
- Bought two "billowy" dresses. I like to call them very forgiving. Thank goodness they're in style.

I say I am predictable, because no matter how many weird days I have, I almost always revert to either shopping or eating or the deadly combination of the two. Neither of these things is productive, generally, in making me feel better. I usually get even more upset when I realize clothes don't fit because of how out of shape I am, and I compound that by eating cookie dough, which obviously is not going to help that problem....Sheesh.

Do men have similar reactions to funky days? I think not. Color me green with envy. How do normal people deal?

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