Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lily- All Smashed Up

I was involved in a 3-car accident yesterday with my beautiful (still new to me) 04 white XTerra, Lily. She is all banged up :(

Ben and I were on our way to his Obedience School graduation ceremony at Petsmart on Saturday when a lady 2 cars in front of me decided to turn left into Walgreens. However, she did so by slamming on her brakes and turning from the through-lane (which I and the other car were traveling in), thus completely ignoring the obvious turn-lane next to her.

So when she stopped, the car in front of me stopped, and I tried to stop, but couldn't. The roads were wet (it had been raining), my tires slid, and I slammed into the car in front of me. Let it be known that I WAS NOT TAILGATING. I had chastised myself earlier in the day for driving too close and made a very conscious decision to amend my driving habit, so I know I was not following too closely.

The old lady driver tried to lecture us both on tailgating, totally forgetting that it was she who had been trying to turn from a no-turning lane into Walgreens. About the 5th times she opened her mouth to me about "my poor driving habits," I smarted off to her....So sorry for that. That was not being the light of Christ, and I know my temper gets away with me sometimes. She was being so rude and mean and fussy though, and I obviously had the worst of it. I know that's no excuse, but even the lady in the middle car was about to lay into her.

Anyways..... Pray for quick resolution on this, a favorable outcome for me (is that possible?), a rental car so I can stop bumming off my my friends and a chance to meet with the lady I hit (the middle car) and her husband for dinner. It could be a good ministry opportunity.

*sigh*......I think I just have really bad luck.

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