Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lighten things up a bit

Someone (a dedicated blog stalker of mine!) kindly told me today to update my blog, as my faithful readers are ready for some new stuff. Thanks for the advice, and congratulations to her on her news ;)

Re-reading my last few posts has made me aware of how sad I sound lately. While it has been an extremely odd few weeks, I don't want anyone to think I am not finding joy in life and the Lord. He is so good to me, way beyond what I deserve. Life is still good, and I am still happy. So, in order to lighten the blog-mood a bit, I wanted to share some links I particularly enjoy.

Have fun, and I hope you giggle as much as I do!!

Johnson Badger Commercials:
This is a series of commercials produced for Johnson Automotive Dealers here in the Triangle. Although I have never had the fortune of seeing them on TV, YouTube is an amazing tool in that I can watch them all online. Now, you can too, from outside the viewing area! These are my favorites. To see them all, just search for Johnson Badger on YouTube.
(f you can't see any of them, it's because I am trying to type the links out by hand as copy and paste (in every method I know of) is not functioning on my laptop. My "real" computer is not functioning at all, so I take what I can get! All that to say, just search Johnson Badger for some laughs)
Wiggle Room
Sexist Badger

A friend of mine introduced me to this little fella. Meet Whiplash, the cowboy monkey. This duo performs at rodeos!

Hope that cheered up the mood on the blog a bit. Now, if only I could get out of this flu-funk I've got, that would be fabulous.

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Shannon said...

Thanks for updating! :)