Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tagged....And other things

My blogging buddy Julie tagged me with this little quiz, so I'm obligated to fill this out! Here's a brief insight into my life:

Where is your cell phone? Downstairs in my purse, hopefully. Both are MIA
Your significant other? Happy to say that yes, I have one :)
Your hair? Kinda nappy. Clean, but air-dried
Your mother? In California, getting ready to join up with the rest of my family for a family vacay
Your father? Getting ready to head to Cali (see above)
Your favorite thing? My relationship with the Lord
Your dream last night? Didn't get enough sleep for one of those!
Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper and water
Your dream/goal? Be a missionary, adopt foreign babies, live on a cruise ship
The room you’re in? Bedroom at the beach house I'm at this week!
Your hobby? Walking Ben, reading, kayaking, movies, traveling, etc.
Your fear? Missing out on God's blessings b/c I do my own thing
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Overseas telling people about the grace of God
What you’re not? As compassionate as I ought to be
Muffins? Chocolate chocolate chip!
One of your wish list items? New iPod, new Mac laptop, new camera....
Where you grew up? St. Pete, FL and Maryville, TN
Last thing you did? Giggled with the girls
Favorite gadget? None of mine work consistently, so I have no idea
Your pets? Ben - my dog, Splash and Scooter - my turtles
Your computer? Old clunker
Your mood? Happy, blessed and thankful
Missing someone? Yeah, several people actually
Your car? At the shop, currently. Darn antifreeze leak
Favorite store? Target or Express
Like someone? Yeah....very much so!
Your favorite color? Blue probably, though green is growing on me!
Last time you laughed? About 20 minutes ago
Last time you cried? I don't remember, honestly

In other news....I'm at the beach this week and loving having time off that doesn't include someone getting married. Just a few days of sunshine, surf, hang-out time with dear friends, and some time to grow and go a lot deeper in my walk with the Lord.

Also in other exciting news - I'm a girlfriend now, and I like the sound of that. The Lord has somehow seen fit to bring an amazing man into my life, and for that, I am thankful.


Jeremy and Shannon said...

I so was going to ask you if you and Adrian were dating the other day at lunch but I never got the opportunity with him around. Congrats on the new status! :)

shaebe27 said...

im so happy for you! and you deserve the best:-)
so yea..if adrian doesnt mind..ill get on a plane and then a train anyday..