Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have been involved in a small discipleship group the last few weeks. Last night was our last "official" meeting, until we decide where to go from here. I've really enjoyed learning from Heather, my minister's wife, and being able to share with the girls in a small group setting. Last night's discussion was really good and challenging, so I thought it was a great way to end the time together.

When I got home, then, after DGroup, imagine my surprise at finding fresh flowers on my doorstep, along with an unsigned note and a bracelet, which I am guessing, traveled here from Thailand. Wonder who all that could be from? What a sweet surprise! I thoroughly enjoy surprises like that :)

Tonight should be another good night of surprises, although of a less sweet and more ridiculous nature..... it's the TALENT SHOW!

I'll be participating in 2 amazing acts tonight at the BL Talent Show. This should be good.....I'll try and post some videos, as the guys in the office are sending me with a video camera so I can capture the craziness in all its glory. Stay tuned!

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shaebe27 said...

I still love the bracelet..haha