Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend in Charleston

It feels like forever since I have updated, and I guess in "blog world," it has been a while!

I went to Charleston and Walterboro last weekend to see Adrian, spend time with him, and see what "real life" is for him. It was great to just be together and to see him interact with the kids in his youth group. Plus, I got to hear him speak on his trip to Thailand, and I really enjoyed being there with him for that.

All in all, it was a great weekend! He and Mom and Dad will all be coming into town tomorrow, so I am super excited for them to all meet and get to know one another. Until I update again about life and my thoughts and what God is doing in my mind and heart, enjoy looking at some of the pics from this past weekend!

Such a good boyfriend! He takes care of Benny for me :)

Benny boy loved the ocean! It was his first visit to the beach. Aside from a little bit of an upset tummy, it went pretty well for him!

This beach shot was our first official picture as a couple, I think.

Feeling refreshed and ready to head downtown for the afternoon/evening

Walking around downtown Charleston

After dinner, we walked along the waterfront and got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but stopped for a photo opp at the Pineapple Fountain.


allison said...

meeting the parents...that's a big deal.

andy t said...

You guys make a cute couple, glad everything is going swimmingly out there for you! =]
Have fun,

Brent Sherrod said...

"eaten alive by mosquitoes" Yeah, they like it rare, unfortunately.

And the pineapple is a sign of welcome I think.

Laurie said...

Hello Lauren! I found your blog through Emily's. . . it's been so long since I've seen you! You look so happy and content. . . glad life is treating you well.

I see your parents in church occassionally (when I go to Fairview).

Take care, Laurie Pullins

kathy said...

Hey babe, hope the meet-the-parents went well. Just got an email from Wesley via my dad...we're praying for your dad.