Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hi blog readers:

I was working on another blog earlier this week, but will have to post-pone it until I let you guys know what's going on in my family and what the Lord is doing in our lives.

Sunday when my parents visited, they told me my father has malignant melanoma on his back. This is the most severe and aggressive form of skin cancer. However, they were hesitant to operate to remove it and test to see if it had spread until they addressed problem #2 - his heart.

Tuesday, they went to the hospital for a consultation and were told he needed to have the heart issue addressed first before they could do anything that would require him to be put under. They said even after that procedure, it could be a few weeks until they could safely put him under to remove the melanoma. This morning, he underwent a procedure to see how much of a blockage he had in his cardiac arteries and to fix it.

I'm thankful to say that, although 2 of the three arteries were almost or completely blocked, the doctors were able to put stints in and take care of those. Praise God that he hadn't had a heart attack with that kind of blockage, that the procedure went well and that the doctors were pleased with the results. Also, praise the Lord, they will be doing the surgery to remove the melanoma tomorrow morning at 9:30 (Friday), taking advantage of this hospital stay and curbing as much spread of the cancer as possible by removing it so quickly.

I know a lot of you have been praying for my family during the last few days, and I thank you so much. We have all felt the prayers as we have felt an unexplainable peace about the whole situation. God is so good, and I know whatever happens, my Daddy is in the Best Surgeon's hands. May the Lord be glorified in all of this, for he is the one who is the assurer of salvation and eternal life.

For tomorrow, selfishly, I ask that you would continue to lift up my father as he undergoes another surgery, this one requiring anesthesia. Pray the doctors remove it all, and that the melanoma is shallow, so they won't have to do the lymph node mapping, which could be more dangerous for him. Pray that Daddy is able to heal quickly. I ask for prayers for my Mom as she supports Dad and stays with him. Ask the Father for his continued blessing of peace for both of them. Pray for the surgeon's hands to be skilled in both the cutting out of the cancer and "plugging" the hole left behind. Most of all though, pray that God's name be praised through all of this.

Thank you for sticking with us, praying for us, and supporting us. I love you guys!

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allison said...

I had no idea...most certainly praying this friday morning for you and your family.