Friday, September 19, 2008

Turkish Delight and other randomness

Any Narnia fans out there? If so, you should catch that reference in the title. I actually tried Turkish Delight last night at a place called....Turkish Delight. Go figure. The candy is kind of like a flavored gummy bear coated in powdered sugar...better than I expected, but not necessarily anything I feel the need to have on a repeat basis. However, I will say that I was surprised to find that somehow they made the "rose flavor" actually taste how I imagine a rose would.

Anyways, the Turkish Delight foray came after a tasty dinner at Hi5 with Teran, JJ and Adrian. If you live in Raleigh, you must check it out. All the food is $5!! I got the "stuffed" burger which has the killer combination of bleu cheese, bacon, mushrooms and caramelized onions....Delicious. Plus, since Hi5 is owned by the same people who own Red Room and Bogarts (in the same building, basically), we were able to have some free salsa lessons at Red Room, without paying the cover, since we had just eaten at Hi5. Hey - I try to be conscious of the whole money thing: Dinner, dessert and salsa lessons for $25? Not bad, I think.

The fun night out came on the heels of being sick on Wednesday (sinus stuff, maybe....Just a seriously sore throat) and studying my little tail off for my first seminary exam. I took that yesterday afternoon, and feel fairly confident that I did well! I'm just glad it's over. So last night out was, for me, a "Hurray! Adrian is here!" and "Hurray! I'm done with my exam!" kind of night. It unfortunately seemed to not agree with my throat, which got severely sore again as the night progressed. No biggie today, except I can't talk.

This morning I tried to go through a drive-thru...That did not work out so well for me. Not only are McD's workers not the friendliest crew on the planet, but when someone is desparately whispering into the speaker trying to place an order, they get a tad irate at not being able to hear them. I should have just gone inside, but I was feeling lazy like that. Oh well.

Anyways, if we need to communicate, until further notice, the telephone is probably not the way to do that, unless you happen to like to listen to unintelligible whispers!


Julie said...

I have been to the Turkish Delight place before for baklava but now I'll have to sample the turkish delights sometime. I love that place and how it is all purple and eclectic. Sounds like a fun night!

shaebe27 said...

AHHHHH i didnt know you lost your voice too!! haha..i couldnt talk much sat night..and NONE sunday..and it got better funny..but not fun!
isnt turkish delights and interesting lil spot downtown..your night sounds great !! glad it was a blast
next time im all over the salsa lessons