Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You got here HOW?

So, looking through my website's stats today, I noticed there are some really unique search terms people type in that bring them to my blog. Some of the more common (and understandable) ones are searches for:

-Lyrics to Natalie Grant's song "Held" (This is the #1 search phrase that brings people to my blog)
- heartbeat for the nations
-Lauren Crane
-Various names mentioned in the blog or in the blogroll links

Those I get, pretty easily. Some are a little more cryptic as to why it brought you to my blog, but then I understand after a little research....

-"my dog is my child"
-"advanced elements kayak"
-"how to break into car with wire" (Burglars on my site?? Yikes! I hope that doesn't make me an accomplice)
-"do wake forest dorms have dressers?"
-"within a yard of hell"

This last group I just find funny! Some I understand, some I have no idea why my site came up when this was searched for:

-"Strap on tanning goggles"
-"how can i turn back time in my marriage"
-"why does my female dog foam at the mouth when she goes outside?" and "my dog bit a toad's head and foam was in his mouth" and "my dog foams at his mouth when walking" (What the heck?? What is wrong with all these dogs??)
-"Lauren Crane dancing" (Did someone really want to see ME dancing, or were they searching for "Lauren Crane: This Summer's Hottest Club Banger..." whose blog is 1 letter off from mine. Oh sheesh.)
-"I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO GROW i'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THIS WAY" (I am curious what "way" this is....Do I want to know?)
-"dresses for fat people"
-"bachelorette jenga"
-"brian crane" pickles (Hmm....)
-"B.O.S.S. Pimps Nation"..... (Uh-huh.)
"Spiritual" "kayak" "godly" (All great things. Not seeing how they are necessarily related.)

Anyways, I just got a kick out of reading those! If you're a visitor to my site, leave me a comment and tell me what you searched to get here!


Daniel's Mom said...

Thank you for your comment! I'll being checking in periodically and writing on Monday's. I wonder what brings people to my blog ha!

kathy said...

That is pretty funny! My parents are out your way this weekend for Elon parents' weekend. They say hi.

shaebe27 said...

ok that is straight up hilarious!!! how do you find out search phrases like that?

Ginny Alley said...

yes - do tell. how do you do that? that is so funny, i'm laughing at my desk!
i got to your blog because we met in statesville nc to go to franklin ;)