Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

If a week at home with family, followed by two weeks in Europe isn't enough to turn my brain to mush, sitting through a 7 hour Content Management System training session will definitely do it.

Welcome back to the real world, huh?

I got home from M-ville last night, unpacked my car and my suitcases, caught up with two of my besties from college, and put together a bookshelf. This morning, I was up and at 'em early, getting me to work right on time. I was feeling pretty good about life until the day-long training session at work reminded me that I am back in "normal life."

In order to ease my transition back to life here, I comforted myself with a Dr. P and a burrito from Moe's for lunch (It's good to be back in the States!)

What's NOT good? The enormous headache, stomachache and loss of brain function I endured after eating all that junk food...at least it tasted yummy while it lasted!!

So, my thoughts after being back for 24 hours to the real world: I'm ready to escape. Come quickly, Friday night!


Ginny Alley said...

Love Fridays! Was great to read about all your adventures in the far lands. Thanks for keeping us updated. If you ever need a traveling partner...let me know!

shaebe27 said...

oh my. that meeting def sounds like a wake up call..yikes! i didnt even leave for an amazing trip and i too cannot wait til friday. i cant imagine how you long for it to come:-)
hmm we are building a large traveling group. i love it..haha

Lauren said...

Girls - I ALWAYS need traveling partners! Let's pick a place and GO!