Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take heed!

Just a quick word of warning to my fellow blonds out there (and to those who may have "blond roots"): Always check batteries.

When taking batteries out of an electric device and plugging them into the charger to recharge them, always first check to make sure they are, in fact, RECHARGEABLE batteries. This is vitally important.

If you don't check them, but instead, hastily take them out of your camera, plug them into the wall charger and walk away for a day, you may find yourself with a lot of leaky batteries, and battery acid all over your jeans. I'm just saying.

My recommendation on determining exactly what kind of batteries you're dealing with?
A) Actually looking at the batteries.
B) Plugging them into the wall charger, waiting a day, and then finding yourself with exploded batteries and battery acid on your clothing.

Option A folks. Always check your batteries. Oy vey!

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