Thursday, June 18, 2009

Double time!

Did any of you ever do the Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos? I liked them until Billy boy said, "Double time!" and suddenly everyone on screen kicked it up a notch and the workout proceeded to kick my butt.

Billy Blank's "double time" Tae Bo = my life.

Starting tomorrow, I will begin the 6 week marathon known as "summer" for me. It looks like this:
-M'ville for wedding planning - including picking a site, date, bridesmaids' dresses, stationary style and a then having my lingerie shower!
-Home in Raleigh for a night before jet-setting to Louisville, Birmingham and Pensacola
-Back in my humble abode for 4 nights before going to Charleston for July 4th festivities with my fiance and family - a marathon weekend with people flying in to meet A (but mostly to see the city)
-Home for a week or so, with my best friend coming in for a final visit before she spends her fall volunteering in Latin America
-Two and a half weeks in Thailand.
-The end. I will crash be crashing at this point.

Is it worth mentioning my first weekend at home will hold engagement photos and a friend's wedding? Maybe I said "The end" prematurely.

Looking back at it - I think Tae Bo would be a breeze compared to my schedule.

Bring it on, Billy. Bring. it. on.

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kathy said...

Hehe. Sounds lovely though. Lots of friends and family and cool places (I adore Charleston). And you get to have a shower in Maryville, which is awesome. I never really had a shower, as I got engaged a couple weeks before Christmas, and then wasn't home again until after the wedding.

Oh, and stationery stores are such fun! Probably because I just got stuff that I still have (an embosser? Was one of the coolest purchases of my wedding).