Thursday, June 4, 2009


I don't have any answers to the problem of pain. The only thing I know is that the world is a painful place and life is a painful thing to live through.

I have lately been overwhelmed with the realization of how many problems people are dealing with, how much pain is in their hearts. Broken relationships, broken dreams, broken bones, unmet expectations, hurtful words and actions...It all strikes at the core of our beings. I think the reason these things are so painful is because we were created for more. We were created to have full, perfect relationships with our loving Heavenly Father and with one another. We were created to be in perfect harmony with all that God had fashioned, but that is no longer the world we live in.

Instead, we struggle against the prince of darkness, who causes pain and heartache and no way to out. I praise God that he has fought and defeated the enemy, although we have yet to fully see the effects of it in this life. Even in the midst of deep heartache, God is worthy to be praised, for he has provided a way out from pain. He promises no more death, or crying, or hurting. He promises comfort and peace everlasting.

"In my darkest hour, that's where I found true love. Jesus lifted me from the dead of night, and he'll never give me up. I'm his beloved and he is mine. Nothing can separate us, no space, no time, no death, no life, no person, no power, so strong is the love of my heavenly Father."

Come quickly, Lord. Heal the broken hearts of your people.

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jeff said...

the broken bones has to be intended at me eh?