Monday, October 29, 2007

Glorious weekends....

I love weekends.

I thought I loved them in college, but being in the working world, and not having to do homework on the weekends makes me appreciate them SO much more! I did have to work a bit Saturday morning, going to the tail-end of the CS Lewis Conference. Just as I suspected, I often felt like an idiot there. During dinner on Friday night, I sat with 2 people who presented papers, and they kept up a steady stream of intelligent chatter I understood little of. There were also 2 guys who were grad. students, one of which I knew, so I talked to him and didn't feel totally dumb.

The whole dinner, CS Lewis' theories on ???? were discussed. Way over my head. The two paper-presenters discussed misogyny, Lewis' views on purgatory, his liturgical influences on his faith, and other topics of which I am as equally unversed. Thankfully, the speaker, Walter Hooper (the literary executor of the CS Lewis estate) was fantastic, down-to-earth and a pleasure to listen to. He spoke about what it was like to know, live with, and spend quality time with CS Lewis, "Jack" and how conversing with him was just like his books. I also thoroughly enjoyed my steak dinner. :)

Saturday, after the conference I did some laundry, watched a movie, ate a bagel and checked my Facebook. I took Ben to the dog park for a few minutes before meeting Stacie, the potential adopter. I really liked her, her home, her dogs and her kittens. Ben seemed to thoroughly enjoy it all, as well. I would happily give him to her, but she has to wait until Delta (the foster dog) is adopted before she'll take Ben. He behaved well all weekend, so I am more willing to keep him until the right home becomes available.

Saturday night Lindsay came over and we watched the Breakup, which was good, and I took in a homeless kitty for the night. He promptly used my nice bath rug as a litter box, thus stinking up my bathroom...I couldn't keep him, so he has been taken to a vet's office to be taken care of.

Ben and I went back to the dog park Sunday for a good long while, then I folded my clothes while watching TV. I went grocery shopping and then went to wePod at Bayleaf last night, which I really liked. I love the Sunday services at Summit, and the idea of helping with the ESL/Hispanic ministry excites me, but I do love the wePod at Bayleaf....I'm praying the Lord will make it clear where I should plug in and join!

In exciting news, mom and Brian are coming into town on Friday to spend the weekend with me! Yay! That means golfing and who knows what else? I'm very excited to see them and have B see my place!

That's all the procrastinating I can do for now...I should go write about CS Lewis!

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