Friday, October 26, 2007

Send up a little prayer....

Ben has a meeting tomorrow with a potential adopter! She sounds great, and exactly the kind of home I'd like to see him in. She has another dog: female, same age, same breed mix. She takes her dog swimming and walking and running alot, and sounds very conscientious about vet stuff - a definite must. There are 2 issues: Another dog she is fostering that she has to find a home for before she can adopt Ben, and 2 kittens. Pray that if this is the right home for Ben, which I think it sounds like it could be, hat it would work out and I would have a peace about it!

Today I am covering the CS Lewis conference on campus. Some very big names, in the Lewis world, are here, and I get to write about them! I only wish I was more familiar with Lewis and his works. I know the basics, but I'd sure like to feel like a smart kid! Haha.

Tonight, after the conference, I am hoping to go meet up with Laura and her friends and go to a blues club. Laura is someone who I met a couple of weeks ago. Her mom and my mom were good friends in college. They met during a Campus Crusade event, and have stayed in touch ever since. Now Laura lives nearby, and we met, and she's a lot of fun! So, hopefully, I'll be able to do meet up with her and her friends tonight to go to the blues place.

It's a dreary weather day here...chilly and slightly raining. "Pelo do gato" or cat hair rain, as they say in CR. Speaking of CR, I am dying to go somewhere and see and experience a new culture and see how the Lord is working in other places!

Everyone here at Southeastern is so culturally experienced. So many of the people I have met are former Journeymen (a 2-year mission program of the IMB) or have been involved in missions and travel in some form or fashion. It makes me travel experiences seem puny! I feel more and more certain the Lord is calling me to the nations, and I am excited to find out in what capacity. Right now, I am just itching to go somewhere, even for 2 weeks! I have my sights set on Zimbabwe in summer of 08....we'll see what pans out!

Anyways, praise God for the rain, and the onset (finally) of fall weather! Also, praise the Lord for the weekend, which is just about here. Remember to pray for an excellent home for my Benny baby!

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