Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hello, my name is Lauren and I am an addict.

Here are the things I am addicted to:
Moe's (The guys in the office could tell you that)
Dr. Pepper
Blog stalking (Nicaragua anyone??)
Looking at Craigslist pet ads

I know we all have addictions/obsessions, but I somehow feel like mine are weirder than the average person's. However, I did just feed Jason and Jerry's Dancing with the Stars addiction by asking for a recap of last night's show....They are addicted to that show, bad. Haha.

The reason I bring this up is because I have realized I have certain things that get in the way of my life/work, such as having to check Craigslist routinely or having a Dr. Pepper ("only on Mondays"....wait, I'm drinking one and it's Wednesday), or eating at Moe's on Fridays. Furthermore, I also always have to check this one blog to see if I can yet figure out what is going on! People: Please post "About Me's" so I can stop stalking you to find out how you're related to the person you're sharing a bed with!! Anyways....

So, I am a freelancer now! I did an article for BP this morning (if it an be called that. It was only about 4 graphs long...) The catch is that it was an interview done in Spanish....I am SO rusty! I could tell it was going to be bad b/c he didn't understand me ask what the name of the church was! Haha. We'll see what comes out of it, but I told the BP editor to use me again in the future. I am going to start doing some stuff with the Hispanic/ESL ministry at Summit, where I've been going to church. That should help with my skill level and at least get it back to where it ought to be after so many classes!

Update on my Halloween costume: There won't be one :( We're not dressing up anymore, just dinner. Dangit, and I had 2 good ideas!

Happy Halloween/Reformation Day!

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