Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kayak time?

This just in: I may be getting my kayak very soon!!

I posted a Craigslist ad looking for one (my specific one I want, which is here) and had a guy respond that he is looking to sell his, possibly. I quoted him a price, so we have entered the negotiation stage....That would be great if it worked out, then I could get it for much cheaper.

If it didn't work out with this one, REI is also having their annual sale, so it's almost $100 cheaper than normal, which would also be a great price!! I would be so excited if I could get it before I go home at the end of the month...

Oh boy, I am excited now and anxiously awaiting hearing back from this guy! Anyone know how long REI has their annual sale for? I'd need to jump on that fast if the used deal falls through...

Also, I don't know these men.
They just represent what a great time is to be had on the AE convertible!

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Brent Sherrod said...

Kayaking!!!! Love it.