Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My thoughts are like a game of Jenga...

You know Jenga. The game of blocks building on one another, but while the tower grows taller, bigger, gaping holes also develop? Eventually, the whole thing becomes too unstable and it falls over. You lose.

That's kind of how I am feeling. I have a lot of thoughts going round and round in my head. Most of the time they build on each other, in some random, inter-connected-Lauren-thought-train-kind of way. However, I start picking apart one idea/thought until I realize there are a bunch of holes and unanswerable questions in it, then the entire thinking process collapses. It seriously makes my head hurt.

Here are some of the things screaming for attention in my brain:
1) My grandmother just got out of the hospital after falling and breaking her hip. Now, she is supposed to be doing rehab, but the parentals say she is so weak and despondent. Pray the Lord gives her peace, builds up her strength, and gives her a spirit of joy in her circumstances.

2) I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. I do mean CUT. Hurrah! It has been a while since it has been short and I am pretty excited to chop it off. It's gotten so long and heavy. Think Kristin Cavallari (Laguna fans, holla) with short hair; that's the look I'm going for.

3) I just checked the weather and (finally) it is looking like rain today. I say finally because I was supposed to meet with Kayak Man today, but I asked to reschedule for fear of getting struck by lightning on the lake. All day it hasn't looked stormy, but rather decent. That made me upset I rescheduled. However, Weather.com is now showing some nasty weather coming our way, making me happy I rescheduled. Did you follow all that?

4) I am so excited about *hopefully* getting my kayak!! My refund check came in yesterday, so it's like I'm not really paying anything at all for it! No $$ into the bank means no $$ out. Cathy (my mentor) and I have kayaking plans Friday afternoon, either on her kayaks or on hers and mine if I have it!!

5) Speaking of money, 2 of my friends are about to go out of the country. I need to give them some money and support their efforts to tell people about Jesus.

6) I am hoping to go to the Taste of Durham festival this weekend in...Durham. You guessed it. It looks like fun, with lots of tasty food to test, live music to listen to, chefs to watch and dances to learn. My kind of day. Anyone care to join me?

7) Memorial Day Weekend. I. Am. Pumped......Need I say more?

8) The following weekend is my BFF's bachelorette party/girls hangout day/lingerie shower. This equals a fun day on the lake with some of my besties, probably the last time we'll all hang out like that, ever.

9) That weekend means hangout time with my family, sans Brian. My bro is making the big move to Cali. Crazy!! I am excited for him, as it sounds like a great opportunity for him and he is road-tripping out there, which despite the gas prices, will be a super-fun time for him. However, he's leaving before I get home, so it will probably be a while before I get to see him :( While home though, I am planning on hanging out with mis padres, potentially taking them kayaking for Mother's/Father's Days. Love their adventurous spirit. That's if Mom can reschedule her class which licenses her to carry a handgun.....That's right. You heard me.

10) Where shall I live come September? That's when my lease runs out. I need to figure out: Apartment rent increase, how much other places are, if I want to have a roommate, whether or not moving is worth the hassle, even if I save some money...

All of these big gaping holes? Money and time. Those pretty much constitute the biggest constraints, making it hard for me to figure out exactly what I am doing, ever.


Kev & Stef said...

Here is the link for the potato recipe. Enjoy! http://www.kraftfoods.com/kf/recipes/recipedetail.htm?recipe_id=51644

Julie said...

I like how you described your life using Jenga. I actually just played that game yesterday while babysitting. Hope you get your kayak and have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Probably my favorite blog yet! I loved reading and getting caught up on your life.