Saturday, May 24, 2008

You mean I'm not supposed to be in pain from this?

Here's a quick recap of what's going on:

I BOUGHT THE KAYAK! Yay! It's big, but fun. Ben and I went out last night on it with my mentor and her husband in their kayak. They have a hardshell tandem, and so were obviously moving quite a bit faster than I was, especially considering that when you have a 50 pound dog hanging over the side/falling into the lake, it makes steering and paddling a tad more difficult. My arm was scratched up from rescuing my frantic pup, my body was sore from paddling, and I was exhausted from the entire ordeal. But, I have been wanting it for so long, by golly I'll be sticking with it!

My neighbor Jennifer moved out today. She was the leasing agent who got me into my apartment, and she had a dog that was Ben's buddy. It was sad to see her go, especially since I never took the initiative to tell her about Christ, which I ought to have done. Me and 3 of my friends helped her move out of her apartment today, so she could hit the road earlier for LA. I pray somehow she could see the love of Christ in my life and that he puts someone in her path to share with her.

While moving, I tried to pick up a heavy box, forgetting "Heavy Lifting 101." I picked it up using my back and not my legs and now feel like an old woman, hunched over and aching. My back is absolutely hurting, and not in a "I'm-so-glad-I-got-a-workout" kind of way. I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon with my heating pad on and I'm not seeing much relief. Pain pills just occurred to me.

Shonica, Lindsey and I went to the Taste of Durham festival this afternoon and saw a fun little slice of life here. There were a bunch of vendors set up with food, which we took advantage of (yummy asparagus dip and arroz con pollo!). We also listened to this good little musician from Georgia, but I do not remember his name....Whoops. Also saw some Argentine tango, which I might have thought was better had I never been to Argentina and actually seen really good tango.

Finally, I just watched "Why Did I Get Married?" Decent, but I doubt any Tyler Perry movie will ever beat out "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" in my opinion. Love that one.

Sorry this is not witty or well-written. I am in pain and tired. Ciao.

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