Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Face-bashing, car-smashing and other things

1. My car is STILL not ready....We're waiting on insurance to pay and for them to put the new grill on. (Turns out, they had ordered the wrong grill and realized it after putting the car back together. Sheesh. I want to see your grill. You wanna see my what? Ya ya grill.)

2. I got whacked in the face last night with the volleyball. During VBall at Bay Leaf, which I participate in fairly regularly, I was playing the front line. This tall guy goes up to the net and spikes the ball....directly into my forehead/nose region. It was about a 4-foot range. Thankfully, my nose isn't broken, no concussion, and no bruising. Therefore, chalk it up to more bad luck for me and another good story to tell.
Edit: I just received flowers from Mr. Spiker at the office to say sorry. Apology accepted, and thank you!

3. It's supposed to be 82 by Friday. YAHOO!!! I am so excited about warm weather. I played outside all day Saturday (Helped out with church's Easter egg hunt and then played at the lake with Ben) and it was marvelous. Jen and I have discussed it, and summer is cheaper than winter because you can hang out outside, have a great time, and never pay a cent. Most fun things in the winter require $$. Considering how poorly I am doing money-wise after my ticket and the accident, free=fabulous.

4. Not free, but still fabulous, would be a concert. Lifehouse is going to be in Charlotte on a Tuesday in April, and I'd love to go, but it would be silly to drive down there for a concert on a Tuesday. However, it's about time for outdoor music season, so maybe I can get my "live music fix" through that.

5. We were trying to think of what kinds of activities BL could plan for the college/young adults crowd, and I suggested live music in a park somewhere. If they're good, I think a lot of people would stop and listen. Do you have any ideas for good meet-ya activities?

I know lists are supposed to be 10, but Kevin needs a model/subject for lighting experiments, and since that is more work-related than blogging, I ought to go.

Ciao, playas.

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