Friday, March 7, 2008

Life Is Weird

This time last year, you could hear my roomies and I saying, on a fairly consistent basis, "I just feel weird. Everything is just weird."

We assumed and even presumed that once we had graduated/gotten married/gone to seminary/gotten jobs/moved to new towns/met new people/bought furniture for an apartment/gotten settled into a new life that things wouldn't be weird anymore.

Things are still weird. In the last year, I have gone from a busy college senior to a busy working girl about to re-enter school. Despite the flip in circumstances, things are still weird.

Good weird sometimes, bad weird sometimes, but definitely not what I expected at this point last year. The Lord has a funny way of changing my plans. Praise God for that, or I'd probably be in Denver or N. California teaching ski lessons at some killer resort. That would have been weird though too.

So, not a lot to say, except that I am glad that normal doesn't really exist. Life will always be weird, awkward, fun, unexpected and an adventure, and for that I am grateful. Who needs normalcy?

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