Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life as I know it

I don't really have anything profound to say today. Do I ever say anything profound? Maybe I should say "deep" instead....That would be more accurate.

Recap of life since my last post:

-I went to Birmingham this past weekend for Stephanie Jones's wedding. It was great, and the wedding went so good. At first I was not real excited to go, after finding out my P12 roomie Jenn wouldn't be there because of a death in her family. However, though the trip was long (and we started at 4:30 AM Friday) it was SO GOOD to see some old friends from Union and Zeta. The girls there were all a year older than me, so it had been at least a year and a half since seeing most of them. It was great to catch up, hear how life was going, fill them in on what I'm doing, and reminisce about the past. I miss sorority life, I'm not going to lie. It was a lot of drama, a headache sometimes, a lot of commitments, but totally worth it. I loved the random conversations with girls who I hadn't ever really gotten to know beyond a surface point, the ability to be real with people, knowing they'd still be my friends (I paid them to do that, right? ;) and the great friendships that developed out of so many shared bonds and experiences. So, all in all, the weekend was a wonderful time to reconnect and to hang out. Plus, Lindsay and I had some great conversations in the car!!

- I went to the ballet Tuesday night with my mentor. It wasn't the best thing I have ever seen, but it was pretty good. The group was from St. Petersburg, Russia - where I've been, and also the namesake of my birthplace! They did Romeo and Juliet and it was an interesting....remix. The story was basically the same except for some evil queen I don't remember in Shakespear's version. Though it was well-done, I appreciate Shakespear's words and genius so much, so it was a little sad to only have the dancing, and not that. Regardless, it was neat getting to hang out with Cathy and catch up.

- Last night was church and then dinner at Chili's. Church was a special presentation on the Passover, the Messiah, the Jewish festivals, and Holy Week. It was very informative on how traditions play a huge role in our Resurrection Sunday activities, as well as neat to hear how everything Jesus did was so Jewish. I think we forget sometimes that he was Jewish and it was his culture. Dinner afterwards at Chili's with Lindsay and Erin. Delish. I highly reccomend the Big Mouth Burger Bites. They were so tasty.

- I am PUMPED about Lost tonight!! I have not decided if I'll be watching it in real-time or taping it while hanging out with friends.....I am tired and need to clean my apartment, plus I need to save money, so I feel like just staying home. However, there's a group of people going shagging, so that could be fun too. We shall see what happens.

- I have had lots of blonde moments in the past week or so. Everyone at the office sure gets a kick out of them, so maybe someday soon I'll post them so you can read about how silly I am. We have fun with it though!!

Blessings this weekend. (In keeping with the teaching from last night, I am going to try and stop calling Easter Easter, which is a spin-off of a pagan holiday celebrating Eastre, the fertility goddess. I knew that a while ago, but still called it that. I don't want my faith to confuse others, so let's just call it Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday.) So, have a wonderful, Messiah-centered weekend and remember the sacrifice of the cross, especially in these days. Love - Lauren

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