Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy reflections

Just wanted to say that:

1- I am thankful for the minivan I am driving while my car is being repaired. In addition to being awesome, it carries all my friends around. Way to go, Kia Sedona.
2-Springtime is creeping closer. It is currently nearly 70, thunderstorms are on the horizon, and bathing suits are in the stores. Yes, spring is getting close! Yay!!
3-I am improving at speed pig, thereby allowing me beat the boys sometimes :)
4-Right now, I am listening to Brian Regan, and he is quite entertaining. "Stupid in school" is currently making me giggle.
5-I love my new small group, even when it's really small.
6-I am thankful for new beginnings.
7-Ben is, increasingly, living up to his name - BendicĂ­on. It's blessing in Spanish, and really, Rascal would be more fitting sometimes. However, he's becoming more and more of a blessing to me, every day.
8-I need to stop sticking my foot in my mouth. Lord, please tame my tongue.
9- I like lists, thanks to my dear old roomie, Jenn. This is for you dahling! (Remember, always 10!)
10- Finding joy in the small things is becoming increasingly possible for me, praise God. He is teaching me to find joy and happiness in Him, even if nothing else makes me happy. Thankfully, right now - as you can see - lots of things are making me happy :)

Blessings, friends.

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