Thursday, March 20, 2008

So long minivan....

The minivan is gone.

Enterprise needed it, I suppose, so I have been "downgraded" to what I am actually paying for: a Chevy Cobalt. It's not the same one I had at first, which got a flat tire after 3 days. This one is nicer, as it actually has automatic locks. Score!

Here is a visual progression of the vehicles I have driven in the last month or so.

(Lily, all smashed on accident day --> Cobalt #1, manual locks and pre-flat tire -->The Kia Sedona, a wonderful minivan -->A white Cobalt, complete with automatic locks --> Lily, fully restored and functioning!)

My car is *hopefully* going to be ready tomorrow. I would LOVE that. I am ready to have it back! If it's not, my rental $$ is up (per the insurance company) and I:
A) Start paying the insurance rate price for the Cobalt
B) Borrow cars and rides until Lily is done getting fixed

I'll call tomorrow and hope it's done, and if not, I'll be borrowing Lindsay's car for a bit, as she is out of town this weekend.

Here's a side note about my car. When speaking with T. at Haddock, he said," We'll begin putting it back together, and then we'll make sure we have all the parts it needs." Hhhmmm....Statements such as that do not inspire confidence in how well my precious vehicle will turn out....Please Lord, heal Lily.

Anyways, I just thought I would update on my car situation. That's all.

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