Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday...notsomuch

Why is it that Sunday is no longer a relaxing day for me? It used to be in college, and life "should" have slowed down, but it seems to only have sped up!

College Sundays: Church at Fellowship, Social Sundays lunch in Coburn (oh, how I *miss* those days of nasty turkey/dressing/stuff and a buffet of other unedible things. The socialization was great though!), a nap - sometimes spanning a few hours, dinner at Moe's with the roomies, Executive Committee meeting at the lodge, followed by regular ZTA meeting, then maybe a movie or some TV, maybe some homework (not really), chat time with the girls, and to bed.

"Big girl life" Sundays: Go to church AND Sunday School (since I'm on leadership, I can't, with good conscious, skip out on either. No Bedside Baptist for me! I need that accountability though, so no worries), a usually long lunch with friends or mentor (lasting until 2:30, generally), run home and walk the dog or take him to the dog park, get back in car and drive downtown to play soccer in the park, go pick up food/contributions for dinner, dinner and Bible study with my small group, get home around 9:30 and start getting ready for bed.

I love my life, don't get me wrong. I just miss lazy Sundays which afford me time for naps and such. My "day of rest" has become a day of fellowship/evangelism and that wears me out sometimes. I don't mean for this to sound whiny, because I know most people would love to have money to eat out on, friends to eat out with, legs to run around on, a dog to play with, a group to study the Bible with, and a schedule filled with "pleasure activities" instead of work.

Ok, I am blessed. I know it. I'm just a little sleep-deprived too.

(By the way, anyone catch the reference for the title? 10 points to you if you do!)

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