Monday, July 28, 2008


Honestly, I had a great whirlwind weekend, and feel like I should recount what happened here.

However, I've typed it up twice, and neither version made the weekend sound like as much fun as I had. So, here's the weekend in a very small nutshell.

Definitely, Maybe. Good talk with new friend Katherine. Hornet-less night. Bagel. Dance practice with Teran. Lots of laughter. Visit with Allison, John and baby McKinley. Fun kayak excursion. Unexpected dip in the lake. Wonderful hot shower. Chinese food. Dark Knight. Making fun of Teran's reactions. Hearing stories from East Asia. Worship. $5 burger, fries and drink. Shopping spree at Express. Killer jeans at an even-more-killer price. "Serving" at the hot dog/ice cream social. Dinner at Moe's. Deep thoughts with my mentor. Early to bed.

Sounds good, doesn't it? I love weekends :) Next one will be as much fun, if not better as I head to the BEACH!!! Hurrah!! Cannot wait, although I have some fun things ahead of me this week to keep me occupied before Saturday rolls around :)

Happy Monday, friends.


kathy said...

I love satisfying weekends.

Teran said...

haha I love this post and I loved this past weekend, it was so fun! Week's halfway over and it's been good as well, BEACH this weekend! YAY