Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Take a ride on the Crane Brain Train

As is usual, my thoughts are all over the place. Care to follow along and see how my thought processes go? This might give you some very valuable insight into following my logic....I'm just saying.

Here goes.

1) Started out thinking about the upcoming weekend, which is the July 4th holiday. I'm heading to the mountains with some friends for a weekend of hiking, fireworks (yes, I'm bringing sparklers. Fall off the horse and get right back on, right?), festivals (including a cow plop contest? I'll give details later), and white water rafting. Should be an excellently fun weekend.
2) This led me to wishing I had a cute, long, bohemian dress like I have seen at Old Navy to wear Friday evening. They no longer have them in their online store, so I moved over to Ebay to look.
3) Talked with my mom last night about Ebay and selling stuff on there to earn a little extra cash. While looking for dresses, I started thinking about stuff I had I could sell. I also wanted to look and see what kinds of things in different categories actually sells. I think I may have the most luck with some of my clothing.
4) I looked at the paintings on Ebay, to see if I could paint something and sell it, and to see if there were any I wanted to buy. I like some of what I saw, but thought that with a little bit of practice, I should be able to make some cool stuff for my apartment, without spending $150+ on someone else's work.
5) That got me thinking about redecorating. I feel like my living room, especially, is kinda bland and too duo-tone. It's black and red. (Shout out to MHS and its fearsome colors.) While those colors might have worked on football players, I think my living room needs a bit more personality, so I started looking at decorating ideas and how to upgrade a living room with just a few changes.
6) While on the subject of redecorating/painting (also an idea), I thought I might as well look through the real-estate section of the paper to see if there were any houses or townhomes I might be persuaded to buy. There was. I found a townhome in a local neighborhood for $93k. I thought that sounded like a BARGAIN, so I asked one of my coworkers for his home-buying advice. (By the way, this is a monthly occurrence. I waver on my decision of whether or not to buy every month or so, depending on the kinds of deals I see.) He told me not to bother with that one, but to look into buying a brand new place, as he thinks it would be better in the long run. The thought of all that work made my head hurt, so back to internet browsing I went!
7) Saw an open tab with cute one-piece bathing suits I had been looking at, so I thought I'd check it out again. That got me to thinking about the event I need a one-piece for -- Beach Retreat with Bay Leaf. I am pretty stinking excited about it!
8) That then moved my thoughts to the night before I leave for the beach, when it looks like I'll be going to Durham to meet Team Canada (baseball) as they practice for the Olympics. How fun!
9) At that point, I realized I needed to stop letting my thoughts wander and get back to work. So I did.
10) First I blogged about it, because I was so in awe of my own scatteredness I thought it worth sharing.

Ok, state papers and website maintenance and article ideas, here I come!


Brent Sherrod said...

You paint!?!? What type of painting? Who is/are your favorite artist(s)?

Lauren said...

I think you might be over-estimating me. When I say "paint," I mean putting acrylic paint onto cheap canvas. There's usually not much creativity involved, as I like to look at other people's work and then try and duplicate it :)

But, as to my favorite artists: Escher, without a doubt. I did a project on Dali once, and though he was nuts, his stuff is still pretty cool.

Anyways, my artistic bent does not even come close to your skill!

allison said...

This must have been a slow day in the office. Those never happen!!!

Brent Sherrod said...

haha, most of the artists were out of their mind, or too terribly in it to get out by any other means. Francis Schaeffer covers some of their philosophical failings in his books.
If you like to copy other artist's work, why not start trying to copy (or it is really more interpretation) the best Artist? You know, it doesn't have to be photorealistic, just interpret it in a way that someone else may not have noticed. It was Ravi Zacharias who said "The glory of art lies in pointing to the Greatest Artist of all."
Just a thought.