Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Perpetually tired.....

I don't know what is wrong with me but I seem to be perpetually exhausted these days, which, judging by my age and activity level (moderate) should not be happening.

This weekend was all about some R&R for me, thankfully! Up until Saturday night, I had activities planned every night from the Monday before through Friday. Being that I am a girl who needs her alone-time, this was a lot of socializing, even though I enjoyed all of it. But boy was Friday night, post-socializing (though the social stuff was great too!) wonderful! I went shopping alone, went and got a movie alone, and watched a movie alone. It was marvelous :)

The weekend was moreof the same, with a slow, sleepy Saturday and Sunday. Love times like that! It sure made Monday hard though, with a downpour when I woke up and when I went home for lunch. There is almost nothing I like more than taking a nap, listening to the rain outside. Going to work while it is a perfect nap-day was difficult!

In other, more exciting news, I made a few new purchases last night.
#1 - A new PURSE! If you know me personally (ha, purse-onally) you know I have had the same, large, brown bag for 2+ years. I have been on the hunt for a new one, and I found it. It's slightly smaller, but more structured looking. While it doesn't have as many pockets as I like normally, I think it will force me to be more strategic about what I put inside, as anything that gets tossed into the main compartment has more of a chance of getting lost since it's not strategically placed into one of 5 areas.
#2 - I finally bought some kayak paddles! They're SeaSense X-Treme, 96" paddles with feathering options and hand-grips. They were a great bargain, price-wise, so we shall just see now how well they hold up! They got some good reviews as beginner paddles, so I hope I am satisfied with them. They're longer, which is good since I am taller and my boat is wider. Also, they're breakdown paddles, which are fairly light at around 35 ounces. Nice. At some point I'll probably want to upgrade to some 4-piece breakdown paddles so they fit into the bag with my kayak for travel, but for now, hopefully they'll do! ETA is Friday, so I have already made plans to go out on the water on Saturday and try them out :) I've got more paddles planned then if they work good, including testing my skills at sea-kayaking during beach retreat. Whoop whoop!

That's all from my end! Sorry this isn't more exciting after a week's worth of not posting. I know my you all have probably gotten anxious for a new peek into my life....Right. Anyways, I've got more on my brain, but not really feeling like sharing it on here just yet, so maybe a more exciting post in the future :) Happy Tuesday, readers!

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Ginny Alley said...

Lauren, I need a new purse. Thank you for the motivationt to make this purchase. I'll let you know what I come up with!