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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bit tougher.....

Class was not so great today. I not anywhere close to where I need to be to get credit for my grammar and conversation class at the school here, and I need to get that credit to help me get credit at Union. Please pray for my fluency level! I have to test out of the class I am in now to move up to start learning what I need to know for the higher level.....complicated. So that was discouraging, and the prof. is getting on my nerves. I tend to either have great relationships with teachers or bad ones, and I dont see this one being that great...I should work on my attitude!
In other news, there is a group from the US coming tonight from some university. I dont know where, but that will be interesting. On one hand, its new people to hang out with, and more people to speak English with, and on the other hand, its more people to speak english with, which is bad. I need to speak only in Spanish.

Pray for me, as I think I am hitting the second phase of culture shock ¨dejection.¨I am ready to come home, or at least have this fly by. I am trying to remind myself that very few people are able to take a month or more out of their lives to live in another country with a family and to learn English. I think, honestly, it would be more fun for me if I didnt have to recieve credit for these classes, and I could just enjoy learning the language to expand my mind! Haha.

I was reading in Romans 10 the other day, and was reminded that there is a higher purpose behind me being here. I felt called into the ministry in hs, and I believe that this is my chance to attain those skills necessary to what I feel the Lord wants me to do. And like it says, (paraphrasing, b/c I dont have my Bible in front me) ¨How can they believe in one they have not heard of? And how can they hear of one if they are not told?¨Thats gonna be part of my job, I think. At least I am trying to look at it that way.

Tonight starts dance classes, salsa y merengue, and tomorrow is cooking. Saturday I am going to the desert to go hiking and swimming. Sounds weird, huh? Most deserts are completely flat with no water....this one apparently has mountainous terrain and a river running along the bottom. I forgot a lot at home, like shorts, bug spray, and sunscreen, and which are necessary for the trip, so I have to buy these things. I bought the shorts, a lovely pair of black ones that cost $2 and give me, what most people lovingly refer to, as a mom-butt. They come up way past my bellybutton! Haha.

Well, I think thats all for now. Everyone have a lovely evening/afternoon! Love-lauren

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