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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So tired!

Last night was exhausting, but fun. The dance class was fun, and I had an interesting time at La Mesa, the salsa place. I danced with one of the guys who is a friend fo a friend, and a salsa teacher. It was a good time, but not really my scene.

However, I LOVED the indiginous ballet! It was AMAZING! Seriously, I can´t tell you how great it was. I know. How can a ballet be that great? It wasnt normal ballet, but instead, an exhibition of traditional Ecuadorean songs and dances from the various people groups around Ecuador. They all did a traditional dance from their region, and they were so cool! Seriously, if I can get my pictures to work, I´ll let you all see some! Maybe even some videos too!

The soccer game today was fun. It wasn´t quite as exciting as I think Argentinian games must have been for my brother, people were relatively calm, especially compared to the crazy Swiss people I was with! They cheered for Switzerland and Sweden (the opposing team) and Ecuador in a various languages. They´re a bunch of fun.

This weekend I am maybe going to go off on an adevnture by myself, I haven´t decided. Part of me wants to go to some little town and stay in a hostel on Friday/Saturday, but we´ll see. All the girls from Swrizerland are leaving saturday, so I want to be here for their last night. Sunday, I am going to Ingapirca, some of the best preserved Incan ruins in the region. Very cool. I am excited, but maybe that is the nerdy side of me that enjoys history! I had the choice to go to Ingapirca with people from school, or to Cajas Natl. Park with some of the guys from England and Swtzerland. I decided not to go with the boys to the natl. park. I thought I could maybe make a better decision. Anyways.

Last night at La Mesa was weird, because being here, I am constantly reminded of things. Some things I forget, like how it feels to be the only Christian/non-drinker/non-smoker in a room full of people who are not. Being here also reminds me of other trips I´ve taken, and other great people I´ve met......sad that those rarely work out and that I´ve lost touch with some of them.

Anyways, I´m rambling and spilling my thoughts in a random way. I´m going home to change out of my jersey for cooking class tonight. We´re learning how to make tamales con yuca. :) Hope everyone has a good night! -Lauren

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