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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Busy day....

I am exhausted, and my night has not even started! After class today, five of us went to the market (actually my second time today, because we went with our converstion class.) Its cool, mostly clothing, trinkets, and fruits and veggies. I bought some fruit this morning (zapote, not so tasty) and then bought some sunglasses and a t-shirt this afternoon.The t-shirt is an ecuador jersey for the futbol game tomorrow!! Haha. We all bought them to wear to the game against Sweden tomorrow. I am really excited about the game. After all my brothers stories about Argentinian and other futbol games, this should be fun. I asked my teacher about chants, but she didnt know any :( Ill learn tomorrow!

Here in about 30 minutes, I have dance class. Tonight, we learn the meringue (mer-ain-gay). After that, I am going with a group the the indiginous ballet, should be interesting, and then to La Mesa, a salsa discoteque that is apparently a Wednesday nigh tradition for Sampere students. Well see how long I last! Haha.

Guess thats it......nothing major to report. I found out why the guys cross-dres here for the holiday 6 de Enero, which is supposed to commemorate the magi bringing gifts t Jesus. They do that, because they think the mothers dressed their sons up as girls to avoid having them killed by King Herod in Jesus time.So, that explains the cross dressing.....haha.Hope yall have a good day! Love-Lauren

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