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Friday, January 19, 2007

The weekend

Really nothing exciting to report here. I went to a parilla for dinner after cooking class last night. Both the tamales in class and the steak at the restaurant were delicious! So much for cutting down my appetite while I am here! haha

Tonight Im going out with the regulars, because its the Swiss girls last official night in Cuenca. Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping and relaxing and HOPEFULLY finding a place to upload my photos! Start praying now, because I am ready for you all to see whats going on!

I think I am going to the beach next weekend. My prof told me the bus schedule and good directions, and it would be CHEAP to get there. I want some people to go too, but dont know if that will happen. I want to tavel at least a little bit outside of Cuenca while I am here.

Anyways......yeah. Nothing spectacular but I am grateful to be here having this adventure, even though I am missing home and Union! Soon enough though, Ill be back. Today is the halfway mark. Exactly 2 weeks ago today I arrived in Cuenca, and exactly 2 weeks from today Ill arrive home. Cant believe its gone that fast! Anyways. Love to all! Have a good weekend!

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Don Crane said...

Buenos Dios, Laurenski!

Half way into your trip and I have finally found out how to leave a comment! Maybe I'll learn to write by the time you return.

The beach trip sounds like a great idea. Is that a down-at-the-ocean type of beach? It would be great to dip your toe in the water and think about all the places in the world those ounces of water you touch may have been previously.

I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures. Any close-up photos of a plate of coy? (Does it taste like chicken? Nearly everything else does, right?)

Have a weekend of Wonder! Enjoy the differences and the newness and the simplicity. Ask a stranger a question, in Spanish, about what they would most like to see or visit anywhere in the world outside of their town.

Life is good. The Lord is with you. Step out and do . . .