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Thursday, January 4, 2007

I`m here.....

Hello friends- Thanks for your prayers. I made both of my flights today, and I have my arrangements for the morning flight to get me to my city. Today went OK with getting on the flights, a few moments of panic at the Knoxville airport when i thought I might not make it on (remember, standby) but I did, and I got bumped to first class on the atlanta-quito flight.

Once I got into Quito though, I realized I put way too much in my one big bag, and it is dang hard to put on by myself! After struggling with that for about 10 minutes, along with my new sweater that is shedding everywhere, I was ready to get out of the airport. Lo and behold, to my surprise, no one was there waiting for me, as I had been told there would be....not good. I caught a taxi to my hotel, which is very nice, and now I am contemplating a bubblebath, bedtime, and a good cry.

It`s stressful being alone and not speaking the language well. I attempted to have a convo with the concierge at the hotel about how I need to learn spanish, and he rattled off something that I didn`t catch a lick of.

Today´s prayers requests: 1) Make it to Cuenca and meet my family and hope that they`re really cool so I can be comfortable. 2) Start relearning spanish!3) That the Lord would give me comfort and strength right now! I know I must rely on him!!

Sorry to sound so down. I am just a little freaked out! But I love and miss everyone, and can't wait to share some stories when I get back!

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Carole said...

Hey Lauren,
Just a few words to tell you not to worry. It is absolutely normal to be stressed out in the beginning, because of the language barrier, but it will come to you very soon. Ask your brother how my english was when we first met in the plane to Knoxville.. I was worried, could not understand what he was saying and was afraid not to make any friends. And it turned out to be the best experience ever. For you as well, it is going to be amazing. As soon as you start classes, meet some people, you will start feeling confortable and I am sure you will even surprise yourself with how well you adjust to this new country.
Have a great time, and take care.