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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spending way too much money!

Haha. This mentality I had the first week that I wasnt speanding hardly any money is suddenly out the window! I am spending $$ like theres no tomorrow, and thats not good. At least all the money I am spending is on good food and good times!

However, I just got jipped (gipped) out of $10 because I asked for a tarjeta instead of a chip for my now I have prepaid phone card when what i wanted was to be able to use my cell phone here by buying a new sim card.....Hm.
In other news. I went to BaƱos last night, to the hotsprings, which was fun. A group of 6 of us went and spent the evening in the hot springs and turkish baths (aka steam rooms) just chilling and relaxing. Good times.

Tonight I'm watching a movie about the invisible people of Bolivia, maybe somethign like the invisible children? We'll see! But now I am hungry and want to get something to eat before the movie, and I dont know that I have enough $$ to pay for internet, eat, and get home later tonight....haha. I should definately not have bought that phone card!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the biggest market in Cuenca to buy some sunglasses, because (sad day) I lost mine yesterday here in the internet cafe. It was seriosly a matter of about 7 minutes between when I left my computer (and glasses) and came back for them. Someone else liked them too! But I am sad, because I loved those glasses, and they have been with me to Ecuador (now), Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Guatemala. They're my favs. Oh well. Life goes on, I suppose.

Everyone surviving in the frigid storms of the US? Its been a beautiful sunny day of about 78 here :) Haha. This weekend, I am either going to the national park with some of the guys to go hiking and spend the night, or go to the ingapirca ruins with the school. I want to do both, but its not possible.....Hmm. Decisions decisions!

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